The Hunt
To be aired in late 2015 – A landmark series about predator-prey-relationships all around the world. I was working on a sequence in the High Arctic. What an experience to follow wildlife to the absolute edges of the living planet.

Silverback Films for BBC One
Sequence Work

Life Story
To be aired in late 2014 – The BBC's current landmark series about the the different life stages of wild animals from birth to parenthood. I worked on Bonobos in Congo Rainforest. What an epic journey into another world. Moreover I had the privilege to immerse into a winter world to shoot Arctic Foxes and Polar Bears.

Sequence Work

Lands of the Monsoon
To be aired in 2014 – A series about the impact of the Monsoon on the natural world from India to Australia. I worked on several sequences in India and Sri Lanka mainly for the "Drought" program.

Sequence Work


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