2014 is almost a year of the past. It's scary how fast time goes by.

But it's still very very exciting! End of October I had the priviledge to promote the new David Attenborough series "Life Story" with BBC Executive Producer Mike Gunton at the live TV show BBC Breakfast. If you're interested you can watch the interview here.

I worked on episode two (Growing up) on an arctic fox sequence and on the last episode (Parenthood) where you will have a chance to get a glimpse into the family life of "the forgotten ape", our closest relative who is the Bonobo in Congo Rainforest. In both episodes you will also have a chance to get an impression of the field work of my team and me in the diaries at the end of each programme.

Life Story - Growing up / BBC One / 30th of October / 9PM
Life Story - Parenthood / BBC One / 27th of November / 9PM

But back to the work of the future!




For me the last two months of the year are going to be very challenging. In November I will edit my short film project with an editor from Bristol who had a huge impact with his work on my own work. I actually can't believe that I had the luck to get him onto my little film.

And directly afterwards I will return to China where I'm going to face a tough winter mission. One of these slightly unpredictable but thrilling shoots in very harsh conditions. It will be extremely cold. But at the end of the day I love nothing more than these winter worlds.

Moreover I ordered the very amazing new Canon 50-1000mm lens! Hopefully I will get it soon!

Last but not least I got first time nominated by "The Guild of Television Cameramen" for the "Award of Exellence". The nomination honors the cinematography of Nick Lyon's film "Drought" from the "Wonders of the Monsoon" series. The jury reasons the nomination in the following way:
"All round excellence in camerawork. Beautifully shot, classic natural history television." I don't know what to say...

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